Go all out

SO as many of you know I’m headed out to Malawi, Africa for a while with One Pulse to join World Bicycle Relief and Partners In Health to aid in bringing healthcare and relief to the people of this beautiful place.

I’m joining this trip shortly after completing my Bachelor of Science in Public Health with an affinity for prevention programing in developing communities. I’ve had a few people ask “why would you go to Africa when people need help here” (yeah, I know, I was confused too)  In short — my answer to that is that is because I want to, because travel aaand I’m in this for the greater good, however cheesy that sounds. I enjoy having my days be made up of helping others in whatever capacity that I can. (but getting to use my newly minted degree is pretty legit) This trip presented itself so fortuitously and organically that I couldn’t pass it up.

I feel like I’ve seen far too much to do nothing. My background and love for public health work started from contracting Dengue Fever in Thailand, but thats a story for another day. After getting sick I decided that not everyone is given the same starting block and I’d like to help build a foundation on which people can start to help themselves and thats exactly what Partners In Health does. I could NOT be more excited to work with them in the upcoming months!

Now more about this trip! 20 other incredible people (one being my sister in law!) will be riding 860 miles on bicycles provided by World Bicycle Relief and let me just tell you, this ain’t no 20 gear road bike. The Buffalo bicycle is built for the long haul, for those in rural communities and provides stability and very easy to maintain. At the end of our journey each rider will donate their bike to a member of the community. The bicycle is a main mode of transportation in Malawi and used to haul goods and water and allows healthcare workers get to see their patients.

I’ll be the first to say: I’m not a cyclist. (But I guess I will be after this trip!) This will be a strenuous and event filled journey that I can’t wait to share with you all. Thank you to those who have donated! The money goes straight to Partners In Health and all of their efforts and makes you a friend of Malawi and our expedition. Thank you endlessly!

Until next time xo


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