Go all out

SO as many of you know I’m headed out to Malawi, Africa for a while with One Pulse to join World Bicycle Relief and Partners In Health to aid in bringing healthcare and relief to the people of this beautiful place. I’m joining this trip shortly after completing my Bachelor of Science in Public Health … More Go all out

Time Slips Away

Time really slips away here. There’s always so much to do just to exist. I couldn’t let today go by without painting a picture of our last day in Masonga. My previous post showed our arrival in a small village with a warm reception and days spent with families. Our last was spent much differently. … More Time Slips Away

From the Road

Our 6th stop on the road, khuta bay, seems abandoned. A small palapa hut with a few men dotting its posts are smoking near the only shop. That is, until we stop at our 49th mile mark and children and teens alike emerge from the bush and trees on both sides. They clambor around the … More From the Road

What’s goes up…

Must come down. Unless you’re in Malawi then there’s 3 ups for every down. No seriously, I rode up three damn hills in a row with no decline. But this applies to pretty much everything. This has been such a warm and welcoming place with equal frustration on every level. Given there are variables such … More What’s goes up…

En Route and Ready

The airport is without a doubt one of my favorite places (unless you’re flying through miami). The anticipation of going somewhere outside the norm for what is usually a good time is the best BUT this time something new entirely. For years I have wanted to travel to Africa and it’s finally here! Meticulously packed … More En Route and Ready

Counting Down

At this point I can count the hours until I’ll be on a plane from San Diego -> Washington DC -> Ethiopia -> Malawi. As I’m getting my ducks in a row I realized I’m not quite to my donation goal and wanted to share a little about what this portion of the trip entails. … More Counting Down