En Route and Ready

The airport is without a doubt one of my favorite places (unless you’re flying through miami). The anticipation of going somewhere outside the norm for what is usually a good time is the best BUT this time something new entirely. For years I have wanted to travel to Africa and it’s finally here!

Meticulously packed with the essentials (plus a few goodies!) since we will be backpacking, camping, biking, and living simply. What’s your must have for travel abroad? I can’t leave home without a journal. Reading my grandmas from her prior travels was what got me interested in seeing new parts of the world and it’s fun to have and look back on.

Hunter and I set off on the first leg of our journey with a red eye from San Francisco. 

Airports are really stepping up their game. If you find yourself with a layover here in SFO, there’s an awesome yoga room near gates 55-59 for some quiet time đŸ™‚ I’ll never pass up a time for stretching and hanging around upside down.

I am really anxious to get to Washington tomorrow meet up with the team, train, and get our asses to Africa! Does anyone else get slightly nervous or anxious before a big trip? 

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*plays Totos Africa on repeat*

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